Shelby Middle School  




Today, 11th: Last half day of school!

Summer Aspire program starts June 21st!


Dear …

Mr. Mikkelson and Mr. isakson…Congratulations on your Retirement! Enjoy!!!

Miss Avilez…Best wishes on pursuing your Masters degree at U of M this fall!

We thank you for all that you did for SMS!!!

And to  Bryn, Roberta, AJ, Venancio, Jessica, Sadie, Kailynn, Juan, Eligh, Hunter, Christian, Brianna, Athena, Aspen, Abigail, Isaias, Alexis, Micaela, Deslyn, Alyse, Alvin, Luis, Angel, Devon, Emily, Nolyn, Ethan, Irving, Lorena, Navea, Trey, Genessa, Brissia, Jonathon, Leisy, Carolina, Martin, Ray Ray, Kaden, Sophia, Santos, Audrey, Sebastian, Claire, Kassidy, Angel, Adrian, Parker, Madison, Anicea, Reid, Erick, Natalie, Frank, Aaron, Luz, Nathan, Bryce, Ethan, Cassidy, Griffin, Damien, Genesis, Stephanie, David, Kai, Missael, Daniel, Michael, Aracely, Desiree, Beyonce, Addison, Sabrina, Kamiron, Trinity, Ava, Austin, Alexandra, Lily, Jonathan, Eden, Morgan, Steven, and Terri…

And to all of our 8th graders…also known as Freshmen…

Much success to all of you! Thank you for the great Middle memories!


To everyone…have a great summer!


And most of all…

Always remember …that at Shelby Middle School … you are loved…you are valued…you are important!