Shelby Middle School  



Breakfast Menu: Raspberry and Cream Cheese Bar, Strawberry Cup, Juice, Milk

Lunch Menu:  Walking Taco, Refried Beans, Salsa, Banana, Chicken Salad Wrap, Caesar Salad/WG Roll, Parfait, Milk


Today, 1st: Happy June!!!

Wednesday, 2nd:

Thursday, June 3rd: MS Band and Choir Concert 7-9 pm

Friday, 4th:

Monday, 7th:

Tuesday, 8th: 8th Grade Recognition 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, 9th:

Thursday, 10th:

Friday, 11th:

Summer Aspire program starts June 21st!


Happy first day of June!


Congratulations to our Holly who is our “Staff Member of the Week!” Enjoy!


Please remember to bring all of your library books that you have and return them to our library by this Friday. 


Make sure that you bring your elective forms back!


We still have hard-cover yearbooks from last year available in the Office! The cost is $25.00.


And always remember …that at Shelby Middle School … you are loved…you are valued…you are important!