Shelby Middle School  




Breakfast Menu: Breakfast Burrito, Dragon Juice, Milk

Lunch Menu:  Spaghetti/Meat Sauce, Garlic Bread, Apple, Peas, Ham and Cheese Sub, BLT Salad/WG Roll, Parfait, Milk


Today, 9th:

Thursday, 10th:

Friday, 11th: Half day of school!

Summer Aspire program starts June 21st!


 Today is “What do I need to get done before school is out!”

*turn in all assignments

*turn in my elective form

*take my classroom stuff home  

*check the Lost and Found and take those items  home too

*make an appointment for a sports physical

*recycle my back pack paperwork

*make sure that I have returned books

*make sure that I pay for damaged property or lost books

*get information from the Office for summer camps or talk to Mrs. Sly


Always remember …that at Shelby Middle School … you are loved…you are valued…you are important!