Scott Emelander

Choral Conductor / Music Teacher

Courses Taught:

Beginning Choir
Junior Choir
Concert Choir
Select Ensemble
Beginning Keyboarding

About Me

Hello! As you can see, my name is Scott Emelander, and I teach several music classes here in Shelby. I teach four different choirs, both middle school and high school level. I also teach beginning guitar and beginning piano classes. I've been teaching in Shelby since 2010. I believe music has the power to change the world, and I strive to give my students extraordinary, fun, and moving musical experiences during their time in Shelby. I am District Manager for Michigan School Vocal Music Association District One, the professional organization focused on developing and expanding choral music experiences for all students in Michigan. On the weekends, I lead worship at New Era Reformed Church. All other time is spent with my family. My wife Samantha and our two sons Shay and Skyler are the world to me, and we try to spend as much time exploring, traveling, camping, and enjoying time outside as a family. If you want to know more, please contact me, or join one of the many music classes I teach! 

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Picture of Scott Emelander and his family.