ASPIRE After School Program - Middle School

Aspire is a 21st Century Community Learning Center program of Shelby Public Schools. Aspire offers after school programming with the goal of increasing academic achievement and learning.

Site Coordinator:

Shannon Wasielewski

Staff Members:

Sixth Grade: Amanda Green, Melissa Dyer

Seventh Grade: Lawanda Grey, Gladis Salinas

Eighth Grade: Maria Salisbury, and Shellie Dorman

ASPIRE After School Program Contact Information

 Kolleen Lenon - Aspire Program Director Phone Icon 861-4452 x3704  
 Jim Stapel - Aspire High School Site CoordinatorPhone Icon861-4452 x4109  
 Shannon Wasielewski - Aspire Middle School Site CoordinatorPhone Icon861-4521 x3602 
 Anna Morales - Aspire New Era Site Coordinator Phone Icon231-742-3786 
 Heather Baffi - Aspire Thomas Read Site Coordinator Phone Icon861-5542 x1114